Viewbank College

Viewbank College was formed in January 1994 as a result of the merger of Rosanna East High School with Banyule High School. Both schools had a long tradition of offering an excellent education to students from Heidelberg, Rosanna and surrounding areas.Banyule High School commenced in 1961 and by 1970 had a population of over 900 students; it was then decided that a new high school was needed in the area. Rosanna East High School started in 1970 in the grounds of Rosanna Golf Links Primary School and moved to new buildings at the Warren Road site in 1971.


  Our Mission

  Viewbank College aims to provide a high quality education which fully develops the potential of all of its students. It provides a caring environment which is conducive to the growth and learning of individuals and prepares students to become active and effective members of their community.

  College Values









  taking personal responsibility for your actions

  respecting the views of others

  treating one another with dignity, care, acceptance and understanding

  taking responsibility for your actions towards others, the environment and yourself


  having the ability to move forward through self-discovery

  to enable skills which will open the doors to different possibilities

  being open to new experiences to allow for personal growth

  being willing to take the opportunities provided

  provide opportunities to apply learned skills


  to be motivated and have commitment

  to have pride in your appearance, belongings and resources

  to allow each other to fulfil their opportunities and priveleges

  to aim to do my personal best


  being committed to a set of goals

  showing an understanding of what is required to achieve positive outcomes

  being persistent

  having high aspirations

  making a consistent effort


  striving to achieve positive outcomes

  providing excellent learning opportunities

  recognising individuals' diverse learning styles and level of ability

  aiming for excellence

  acknowledging achivements in all areas

  having high expectations that both teachers and students will strive to achieve positive outcomes


  Recognising the rights of others

  recognising and respecting diversity and individuality

  having a safe environment in which we can learn and achieve our potential

  having a positive attitude which provides an opportunity for all to grow

  having a supportive environment where the needs of all are met


  having the ability to work efficiently as a team

  working cooperatively to achieve a goal

  recognising diversity and learning from each other

  creating a supportive environment where opionions are welcomed



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